About Us

ATIBA is a provider of comprehensive community based serices designed to deal with behavioral difficulties, reduce the impact of emotional distress, educate and train skills for increased independence, and maximize our client’s ability to cope when crisis situations arise. 

A Leading Provider of Behavioral Health Services

We strive to provide individuals with the services and resources needed to live healthy, fulfilled lives within their families and communities. Our structured community-based programs enhance the lives of our clients, their families and the community. 

Our Qualified Mental Health Professionals & Clinicians are

  • Passionate about the mission of ATIBA and the goals of our programs;
  • Highly trained & certified and/or licensed professionals with extensive behavioral/mental health experience;
  • Knowledgeable of the challenges that are faced by our clients;
  • Sincere in their desire to empower the individuals we serve;
  • Dedicated to providing quality services that meet the therapeutic needs of our clients;
  • Committed to respect, cooperation, and excellence.

Our Core Values